I know, I know. I am a slacker. It has been a really long time since I posted. I haven’t posted since last year!

Granted, it has only been about 7 weeks. Drama all the way baby!

So, things have been up and down. I have been really busy with school and that is mostly why I haven’t written for a while.

I got word from SFE that my application for a DSA was approved. One of the best things about this is that I am entitled to 1 hour a week of mental health mentoring.

This will help a great deal with uni. I have been struggling the last couple of weeks with uni. I was to the point of thinking that I wasn’t cut out to be a student. I have really struggled with the modules so far – all except IT Management.

I struggle with the group module because I don’t do very well in group situations. I have to really push myself out of my comfort zone and safe zone to do this module.

I thought I would do well with the Internet DB module, but I am struggling with that too. I have to design a used car sales website and I am struggling with the design aspect of it all. I can do the SQL side of it not a problem.

Like I say, it has made me question my abilities as a student. This is where the MH Mentoring will come in handy I think.

I am now on week 4 of this semester and it feels like it’s going by way too quick for my liking. On one hand I want it over and done with, on the other I want to be able to do the work I need to so I can get good grades to carry over to next year.

I was left a little downhearted when I got my results back from last semester too. I got 66% for Computer Network Principles. I think I let myself down on the presentation side of things. I got 62% on Project Management & Quality Assurance – my biggest surprise as it was the least favourite of my modules that semester. I got 56% on DB Design & Implementation and that was my biggest upset. I thought I had done really well with it and it turns out that I didn’t.

I have to try and do better with school. I need better marks for next year if I want a decent degree classification.

Other than school, life has been pretty much on a plateau. Nothing major has happened. Dr B has kept me on the same meds and on the same dosage to see how it goes. I have to see him again in a week.