So, I have noticed that since taking the Moclobemide it has changed me… in a weird way (I know, I can hear you all shout to the monitor that I always was weird)

I have noticed that I am a lot more paranoid about it being dark. There was a time when the dark wouldn’t bother me. In fact, I couldn’t sleep unless it was dark. Any kind of light and I was wrestless.

After being on this medicine for about 3 weeks, the opposite seems to be the case. I wouldn’t say I am scared of the dark. I am certainly more aware of it now.

I am paranoid of something happening. Paranoid of someone being there. It makes me worried when I have to go to the toilet in the night. The toilet is by a front door – down the hall and around the corner. I am paranoid that someone is lurking there. Lurking there waiting to strike. I know it sounds irrational.

I always have to make sure the door is locked too. This involves me unlocking it and then locking it again so I know it is locked – until next time I go by the front door.

The same is also the case for when I am lying in bed in the dark. I am worried and paranoid about the same things.

Like I say – totally irrational. I am going to have to talk to Dr B about this and see what he says. I don’t want to be this person. I don’t like the paranoid me!