So, this morning I had an appointlessment at the local JCP office. I have to have one every 6 weeks since I have been put into the work related activity group for ESA.

The lady that deals with me is alright. The appointment today left me wondering what the hell though. She started to tell me that she had 7 weeks off work sick due to a sciatic nerve. She then said that she couldn’t walk (obviously) and that the doctor had told her to try walking a little bit each day to try and make it feel better. (Stay with me, I know it’s boring but it does get even better) She then said she started to feel sad and frustrated that she couldn’t get out of the house to do anything. (This is the best bit though) She said she could understand where I was coming from with my mental illness and how it must make me feel. I was a little bit shocked to hear this and just kept nodding and agreeing with her.

I left wondering what had just happened and that I shouldn’t complain since I haven’t suffered with a sciatic nerve – which must be way more painful than mental anguish. Whatever! Rant over.

So, the moral of the story is: Want to understand Mental Health – get a sciatic nerve!