So, after spending a few hours in A&E with Jamie I decided to take a few pics so you can see what it is like. I hope you like em. I will put in a description with each pic.

A modernisation sign
The hospital has apparently been modernised
Waiting room for the cubicles
The modernised waiting room for the cubicles
Eye chart
A modernised eye chart
Cubicle basin
The basin in the cubicle
Cubicle bin
The bin in the cubicle
Cubicle curtain - with paint
Cubicle curtain – complete with a lick of paint
Cubicle lights - with dead bugs still in
If you ever get hungry – bugs in the cubicle lights
Cubicle wall - with dust balls
Cubicle wall – complete with dust balls on the edges
Cubicle mobile phone sign
It must be modern – a mobile phone sign. If you can read it that is
Sockets - old & new together
Proof of modernisation – they kept the old and new together so you could see
Male toilet
Manky toilet – enough said
Male toilet sink
Toilet washbasin
Syringe/needle sign
Syringes or needles anyone
No drugs sign
Naughty naughty – no drugs