You read it right. We are on our way again. Moving, again, I hear you all say. Sadly it’s true. I sat and figured out how many times i’d moved in my 27 years on earth. It turns out that moving from Doncaster will be move number 37 for me. That’s right – a whopping 37!

The lady that we live with here in Doncaster, has decided that when she goes off to Australia, she wants her home locked down while she is away – with nobody staying in it.

Guess where that leaves us though? We’re back off on our travels to my folks. This time, we are going to be staying in the shed – or the pool house as I like to call it.

I think Jamie is more for this than I am. I am a little apprehensive about going back to the folks house. I think she is more for it because she has been given free reign in the shed. She has been told she can deck it out any way she wants. Uh-oh I hear you say for me.

My job ends this coming Wednesday (25 Oct) and i’m kinda happy about that. It also means I have to find another job though. The last couple of days of the week is for us to pack – yet again!

We figured that we’d say Sayonara to our wonderful landlady (Please note the oozing sarcasm in that sentence).