Well, the time has come for Jamie and I to say a final farewell and goodbye to the town called March. You read it right – March – as in the month. I agree with you 100%, we thought it was a weird name too.

I’ve now got to try and figure out what I will miss about March, and to be honest with you – nothing really springs to mind right now. Let me see, I should be saying my family, the caravan, the noisy night time goods trains. I think the only one that is true is my family.

We are headed north to Doncaster. Although it is only 90 miles away, it is a fair trek in England. I can hear you Americans say 90 miles is nothing. I hear you, after doing 2000 miles in a car, 90 miles is a breeze.

I’m gonna put a couple of pictures in here so you all can see what wonderful things we are leaving behind on our move to Doncaster.

Not the caravan we lived in, but similar
Not our caravan, but similar
Goods train engines that we hear all day and night
A frequent sound – goods trains