So, it’s now 2 weeks to the very day till I get married. How I thought this day would never come.

I’m so glad that it is finally here. I can wind everything down here in England and get ready for America. Trouble is though, ever since I came back from serving a mission for the LDS church, i’ve forgotten the art of the one day pack – we get a call telling us that we are moving to another area in the mission and effectively have one whole day to pack.

So, due to the fact that i’ve lost the art of the one day pack I am now having to start my packing as soon as I get up today (What? I hear you say. I know, i’m already up because i’m posting on my blog). What I mean by that is when I finally wake up in about 4 hours or so.

The packing bit is the bit i’m fearing the worst. I’ve got to pack more than my family as I am going to be there for 3 months. They’ve got 2 weeks in the states.

I’ve also done all my shopping for the states. I went out yesterday to various supermarkets and spent all my money. I think that may be the contributing factor as to why I had a headache all day yesterday – the fact that I spent money! LOL.

So, I had several looks from people because of the amount of stuff that I bought from the supermarket. I spent about £30 on goods for the US. Oh well, it’s all bought now and out of the way.

That is the extent of what I have done the last couple of days. Eventful innit!