So, I thought i’d write about my escapades yesterday evening when I went to McDonalds.

Let me set the scene first of all. McDonalds currently have a promotion going on here in England. It’s called Big Win Monopoly?. What you do is collect the game stickers from your meals and use them for instant win stuff and also to collect Monopoly? properties (English Version) to win prizes.

Me and my brother in law – Steven – decied that we wanted to go to McDonalds and redeem our instant win vouchers as we only had one week to redeem them. We borrowed a TomTom Sat Nav system from my dad. I hadn’t used it before and being the techno-geek that I am wanted to see it. Well, did I have fun using it to get us to McDonalds. The answer would be yes.

We got to McDonalds, went through the drive-thru to get our paid for meals first. We asked the lady if we could use our instant win vouchers. She said that we could, but it was only 1 per person per visit. Well, that was no good for me & Steven. We had 8 of these damn things: 3 x Cheeseburger, 3 x McFlurry, 1 x Big Mac & 1 x Coffee. (So glad I didn’t bring my 3 x Apple Pie ones).

We ended up going through the drive-thru 4 times, so we could collect our free stuff. The ladies at the drive-thru must have thought we were mental. She kept saying to us “back again, lads”. After trip number 4 I promised her that we were done collecting our instant wins. I wouldn’t mind betting she was relieved after we had said that.

We decided to head home – using TomTom Sat Nav again. See, told you I was a techno-geek. Well, we thought that we’d try and confuse the thing. We decided we wanted to go the back roads to home. How disappointed was I when Mrs Sat Nav decided to take us the back roads. Now, I have to try and confuse it some other time. Here’s hoping she doesn’t read my mind first!