So, today I decided that I would be a geek and go to the library. My mam drove me down there. I went in and registered with them. I then asked where the computer books were. Did I smell of ‘nerd’ at this time or what! I think I may just have, or it might be that I had a mexican shower before I went out. FYI, a Mexican shower is deodorant to cover the smelly armpits.

So, I got the books that I wanted and headed to get them checked out. How excited was I when I saw that you could use the book self checkout. So, being the technology geek that I am, I had to test it out. I was so excited when it worked. I got my receipt and all to prove it. I left the library with a smile on my face – which I shouldn’t have because of the 4 heavy teach yourself in 24 hours books I had to lug around.

So, while outside in the sunshine waiting for my lift home – which, by the way, is like 2 miles away and there was no way I was lugging books that far – I see a little girl, maybe 3 years old, with her grandma. She was running down the hill and when she got to the bottom she fell. Nothing major, so please stop the gasping. She got up and dusted her leg down and ran to her grandma. On approaching grandma, she said: I think i’ve broken my ankle. She ran some more to grandma and grandma said to her that if she had broken her ankle she couldn’t run. To which she replied: “I’m sure I have, because it hurts”

Well, that added a nice little spark to my day – although I still had the spark of the new jazzy book self checkout from the library.

Well, I got home and put the books down. It’s now 22:12 and have decided to pick them up and have a look – only to realise that I don’t feel like being a nerd right now. I mean, who wants to read a book on Networking or TCP/IP or DHTML or Javascript this late at night.

Didn’t you know it was bad to read this late at night – or was that eat? Which reminds me, I have a quesadilla to make before bed! :p