I write this entry today as a public decree of my love for a wonderfully beautiful youg lady called Jamie.

Jamie and I met over a year ago through a mutual friend here in London.

I can’t tell you how scared I was to talk to her because I didn’t know her.

I went to Utah for a holiday and while I was there, plucked up the courage to speak to her.

We agreed to go out together on a date.

Jamie came to pick me up from where I was staying in Highland, Utah.

She rang the door bell and was brought inside. Did my belly turn to jelly – did it ever. What a pretty sight I was seeing.

We went to Desert Star to see The Soaprano’s. It was a fun night.

We went out again, this time we went to Thanksgiving Point to watch Taxi.

Before we went into the cinema, we had a walk around the complex. Jamie pointed out a sign that said electricity station (or similar). My reply was we best not go down there as it will be a ‘shocking’ experience. I know, I know. I hear you all groan.

Well, what a time I had that night. It was brilliant.

Well, we talked several times again that week on messenger and I shared with her an experience that I had.

Well, the time came for me to go home. What a sad day that was in the airport, all alone leaving behind the most wonderful girl I had ever met.

I got home and we talked on messenger and on the phone a lot.

I decided to go back out to Utah in March of this year. I went with my folks.

My intention of going out there was to propose. Well, it never quite worked out like that – but that is ok.

We had one hell of a time. We went to Las Vegas to see Mamma Mia. We stayed in St George also.

We headed back up to Salt Lake City to spend the rest of the holiday.

Again the time came to leave for home. This was even worse than the last time.

I got home and we started making plans for me to move to Utah and get married. We had set a date of September 1st to get married.

Well, things went downhill from there. I turned into this idiot who only wanted to do things his way. I told Jamie that she should move over here. Well, we got into a big argument about it and all we ever seemed to do was argue.

I couldn’t have been a bigger fool if I had tried. Letting my pride get in the way of it all. Deep down I was scared and knew that I wanted things to work out between us.

We stopped talking every day like we had.

One day, I was on my way home from work and all I could think about was Jamie. I got a phonecall from the friend that introduced us and he said a few words that made me sit up and realise just how stupid I had been.

Jamie & I got to talking again and we talked about things that had happened. I was so glad when she didn’t hang up the phone on me and listened.

Now, I am planning on going to Pennsylvania in November and she is planning on coming to London for Christmas & New Year.

I want to tell her how much I would like things to work out between us and that I hope we can get things sorted out in November & December.

I love her deep down with all of my heart. She is the most wonderful person I have ever met. She’s also very pretty to go with it.

I love you Jamie, more than anything in the world – this is my public decree.