I have been trying to get to Armenia and Georgia since March 2020. This was my third attempt and, as they say, the third time’s a charm.

In 2020, I was stopped by Covid (damn that fool). In essence, I got to the queue for passport control in Milan and then I got a text saying that the borders for Georgia were closed. I had to get out of the queue and call Ryanair to have them send me home that same day. This route was Stansted to Milan and then Milan to Tbilisi (and the same on the way back).

In February of this year, I made my second attempt to get there. The route this time was Heathrow to Warsaw, Warsaw to Yerevan (and the same on the way back). The leg from Warsaw to Yerevan was cancelled. They said they could send me the next day but I decided against it as that took 2 days of the trip away. I decided that I probably wasn’t going to get there so gave up on the idea of going.

Fast forward to June/July and I found a price that was really good and a price I was willing to pay. This route was Gatwick to Venice, Venice to Yerevan.

Once I booked it, I decided I would book rooms in the hostels I had booked for 2020. I also had to figure out how I was going to get to the airport. There wasn’t a coach direct and I would have to do it by train. I figured I needed to be at the airport around 02:30. Luckily for me, there was a way to get there by train. It was a train from Peterborough at 23:19, getting to London at around 00:40. I then had to walk from King’s Cross to St Pancras (via McDonald’s of course) and then get the train at 01:30 from there to get to Gatwick at 02:30.

A few weeks before the flight I saw on the news that the train drivers were doing an overtime ban and I was starting to think I wasn’t ever going to get to Armenia and Georgia. I spoke with K and asked if there was an issue with the train would he be able to take me to the airport and he said he could. I was glad. It meant I was going to actually get to go this time.

The flight was at 05:25 and I got into Venice around 08:15. I decided that I would get the water bus and take a sail around the islands and then back to the airport so that I could kill some time and not be in the airport for 8+ hours.

You can read about Venice below.

I got back to the airport only to find out that the flight was delayed by an hour to Yerevan. I emailed the hostel to let them know I would be arriving late (I booked an airport transfer with them).

I have never flown Wizz Air before so I was apprehensive about what to expect. I got a window seat and it meant that I could sleep on the flight. I was shattered as I had very little sleep. I have to say, I am not a fan of Wizz Air and I will try my best to avoid them in the future.

I got to Yerevan and found a SIM card and an ATM. The hostel charges 2.7% for paying with a card. The ATM only charged just under 2%. I got the transfer to the hostel and checked in and then got my stuff put away and went to bed so I could get some decent sleep. The hostel beds were awful though. The mattress was a hard mattress and I felt every single twist and turn. That being said, I was still happy to get to bed and get some much-needed sleep.


Venice Marco Polo Airport

Train Station

Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo

Ponte degli Scalzi


Yerevan City

Cascade Complex

Memorial to 50th Anniversary of October Revolution

Khachaturian Statue

Republic Square

Singing Fountains

Marshal Baghramyan Station

  • Since I was going to be here for a little over 8 hours, I decided that I would get the water transport and take the route to the train station and have a quick look around before getting the boat back to the airport to get ready for the flight to Yerevan.

    Venice was super warm. I was glad to have a window seat on the boat for the breeze. The route from the airport to the train station went around a few of the islands. It was bizarre – they had lanes in the water like on the road. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that.

    The views really were amazing. Venice had never really been on my travel list. I hadn’t had any desire to visit before this. I was looking at pics and a map of Venice before I left for this trip. It looked really cool. I was starting to wish I could visit for longer than the few hours I was going to be there. I did exactly that: I booked for September and I booked to have a full day in Venice. I will spend my time just walking around the streets and crossing the bridges.

    I had 45 minutes to walk around by the train station before returning to the boat to go to the airport. I don’t have too much to write from today as I wasn’t there very long. Stay tuned for my post about my trip to Venice.

    Total steps: 4,887

    Total miles: 2.36

    Below are some pics from today

Total steps: 54,299

Total miles: 26.82

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