So… why did I decide on Aarhus? I was looking at the Ryanair website to see what places were affordable for me to visit on my days off. Every time I looked, there were 3 countries that showed up: Denmark, Ireland, Italy.

I looked at Denmark as it had been a few years since I was there. I was in Copenhagen in 2019 and figured it was time to head back to Denmark.

Once I had decided on Aarhus, I set about looking to see what time the flights were and whether I could get to the airport without having to go the evening before and if I could get back in time for work.

The flight left with enough time to get to the airport by coach and the flight back from Aarhus was the day before I started work – I can’t help but say I was relieved that I didn’t have to go to work on the same day I landed.

I finished work the night before and I was able to get some decent sleep before I had to be up for the airport. I went to get the coach only to find out it was 20 minutes late. I wasn’t too worried as I had enough time from getting to the airport to the fate and time to leave.

I boarded and the flight was really empty. I had a row to myself. During the flight, I got up and had a look around and there were 16 empty rows around me. It seems early morning is the best time to travel.

When we landed and got off, I could tell how small the airport was. They were in the process of doing some renovations and the walk to the terminal was through some tents. The queue was quite long to get across the border though. That’s when I knew I was at a proper airport.

The city put on a bus to get from the airport to the centre. They do it where it aligns with the arriving flights and the driver checks to make sure everyone has passed through the airport before they leave. If the flight is cancelled, the bus is generally cancelled. It’s a pretty good way of doing it. I wasn’t overly keen on the price though. It was 115DKK (£13.25) one way.

As we were leaving, I didn’t have my phone ready and missed the ‘Welcome to Denmark’ sign. Grrrr. On the way to the city, I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right decision to visit this city. The drive was all small villages and fields. I was beginning to think it would be like this the whole time. As we got closer to the city, it started getting more built up. As soon as I saw a tram I knew it wouldn’t be a tiny place and a good place to visit.

The weather was really nice on the way in and it made the city look really cool. I saw the hostel as we were driving in and I knew it wouldn’t be that bad of a walk to it. We got dropped off at the central railway station and I got my phone out to take some pics on the walk to the hostel.

I took a leisurely stroll to the hostel and it was nice.

I got to the hostel and I was able to check in early. I was so happy that I could as I wanted to have a bit of a rest.

  • After checking in and settling in for about 20 minutes, I decided to go out for a walk and headed toward the Town Hall as I had seen a Lidl and wanted to get something to eat and drink. I went in and I was shocked at how expensive everything was. I saw a bottle of Fanta for 19.95DKK (£2.29) I was shocked at how expensive it was. I saw Pepsi Max for 9.95DKK (£1.14) so I thought I would just drink that and water the entire trip.

    Once I got my food and drink I headed towards the river and the centre of the city to see what was around. It was a pretty nice walk. I saw a church spire so headed in that direction. I saw the cathedral but it wasn’t open sadly. I will have to do this tomorrow. I carried on walking and I got to the harbour. It was so nice to smell the sea air. I miss living close to the sea.

    I had a nice walk around and I was just enjoying the sea breeze and the sun. The forecast for the next couple of days was cold and rainy – I was looking forward to it. I tried to see as much as possible though in the sun as sightseeing isn’t so much fun in the rain.

    I decided that I would head to the ARoS art museum as it had a panoramic view. I was told it was something that was worth doing. They have a circular room (of sorts) on the roof that has rainbow glass around it. It is called the Rainbow Panorama.

    I figured it was something to do – even if it cost 185DKK (£21). The cost is for the museum and the panorama. They don’t do separate tickets so it’s the one cost. Whilst it offered cool views, I don’t think the cost of it was worth it. Still, it made for some good pics.

    Once I was done there, I headed back to the hostel for about an hour to just rest my feet before heading back out. It’s a good time of year to visit as the sun didn’t set until around 22:30.

    I saw there was a street that was cobbled and had some old-style houses. It is called Møllestien. It’s definitely a street worth walking along.

    I carried on in the centre of the city and just walked wherever my feet took me. I walked back along the river and in the other direction of the hostel. It was a nice peaceful walk. They have made it look nice along the river. I took a slow walk back to the hostel and kept my eyes peeled for the street art. You find some cool stuff when you take the time to walk and look.

    Today was a really good day and I definitely caught the sun today.

    Total steps: 21,328

    Total miles: 10.45

    Below are some pics from today

I had to get the early bus today as that was the one that would get me to the airport in time. The only issue with this is that it gave me a little over three hours before it was time to board.

I boarded and managed to get about 30 minutes of sleep on the flight.

I got across the border in no time at all. There was no queue. I think from getting off the flight and across the border it took all of about 17 minutes.

I remembered I had an off-peak ticket from when I couldn’t go to Bordeaux so I decided to use that to head home and it got me home 30 minutes earlier than had I waited – this is even with a 20-minute change in Ely.

Aarhus is definitely worth a visit.

Total steps: 63,873

Total miles: 31.41

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