So… I should have been in Canada instead of writing this post but alas – fourth time unlucky.

I decided I didn’t want to stay at home for the 12 days I had away from work so I decided to look at places that I was going to go last year but couldn’t because of (you guessed it) the pandemic.

I started to look for flights to Tbilisi but found that Ryanair don’t fly there or to Yerevan anymore and that made me sad. I then remembered that I wanted to go to Jordan so I set about looking for flights there. I knew that I couldn’t fly direct from Stansted and that I would have to fly to the continent and then fly from there.

I looked at places I had been before to see where I could line up the timings and it ended up being Krakow that offered the best connection so I decided to do that (who cares that just 10 days previous that I was already there).

I booked the base fares for £7.99 each way to Krakow and back and then £5.99 each way to Amman and back to Krakow.

I knew that Krakow offered bus transfers to the city and that was one of the main reasons that I chose this route.

I got to the city and to the hostel and decided to just go right to bed as I had to be up at 03:00 the next morning for the 04:00 bus to the airport for the flight to Amman.

I got to the airport and boarded the flight and it was nice and uneventful. I managed to get an emergency exit row to myself and it was lovely to have the window seat AND extra leg room.

My advice for Jordan is to buy the Jordan Pass for 70 JOD as this gives really good value. It waives the visa on arrival fees and gives you a free 1 day entry to Petra and other sites around the country.

At the airport I had to go in the vaccinated queue so they could check my locator form. After this, I had to show my passport and covid vaccination certificate to someone else. After this, I had to get a vaccinated sticker on my passport (the guy who put this on placed it deliberately over my Israeli sticker). I then went to the desk to show my passport and my Jordan Pass so the fees could be waived. Once I had done this only then did I get to passport control. They checked my passport and stamped it and then I had to show it again to get down the escalator. When I went to go to the arrivals hall, there was a guy there randomly picking people to put bags through the x-ray. He asked me where I had flown in from. I told him Poland and he asked if I had drones with me. I said no and he let me go through.

Once I was in Amman I decided to head for the phone shop to pick up a SIM card (I mostly needed it for the maps – I don’t have socials to flex anymore so that didn’t matter). I then headed to get a bus ticket for the city centre. The hostel wanted to charge 25 JOD for the experience and I found that there was a bus that offered them for 3.300 (yes, they put prices like that) JOD and I decided that was the way to go.

I told the driver where I needed to be off and he said that was fine. Turns out that he forgot and I ended up at the end of the route and got an Uber to the hostel. Uber here is really cheap. Off to the hostel I popped.


  • Once I arrived at the hostel I checked in and got some pointers and decided to have a sleep as I was tired from the early morning flight and the nightshifts.

    Once I had woken up I decided to head out for a walk towards the city centre. As I was walking towards it, the views went on for days and I loved every single bit of it. I was hungry and decided I wanted some food too.

    The hostel told me that Rainbow Street had some souvenir shops so I went there first to get that done and to make sure I had enough time to find all the souvenirs I needed.

    I then continued to walk down Rainbow Street and found a place to have a burger meal. It was delicious and only cost 5 JOD. After I was done eating I decided to head towards the city centre down the side streets. The views continued to amaze that’s for sure. My legs were getting a good workout but not so sure that they were as happy with the views as I was.

    Once I had gotten to the city centre I was in awe at the amount of people out and the colourful shops that went on for what seemed like miles.

    It appears that Amman comes to life after the sun has gone down. I wandered down some side streets here to see what was there and it didn’t disappoint.

    I decided to cross the roads like a local and it was crazy. I’ll let you decide if I managed it without getting hurt.

    I went towards the amphitheatre as entry was included with the Jordan Pass. Sadly it was closed so I couldn’t go into it. Oh well, that is my task for tomorrow. I then decided to head back to the hostel so I could get some sleep ready for the walking tour tomorrow.

    As I was walking back I felt really proud of myself for walking up and down the hills and up and down the steps. Just a couple of years ago I would have done all this in an Uber. I am so happy with how far I have come in my ability to walk without having to stop every few minutes.

    Today was an awesome day.

    Total steps: 13,877

    Total miles: 6.5

    Below are some pics from today


I really enjoyed my time here in Amman and would highly recommend it to everyone.

I got an uber to the bus station for the bus to the airport. I wanted to be at the airport so I had enough time to get breakfast and some drinks and to just chill before the flight.

The flight was pretty uneventful and I had a row to myself again. I loved it.

I got back to Krakow and got to the hostel about 18:00. I didn’t have anything to do and I was going to go out on the tram and ride around before bed time. I met with a guy from Glasgow that was in Krakow and it was nice to just have dinner and drinks with no expectation of anything. It was a really good evening and certainly beat sitting in the hostel or riding around on the tram.

I finally got to the hostel and after a little while the fire alarms went off and we were out for about an hour whilst everything was checked. I had about 3 hours of sleep and then headed for the bus to the airport.

It was finally good to get back home and see my friends again. The adventure doesn’t stop here though. Stay tuned for the next chapter in my crazy life!

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Total steps: 57,176

Total miles: 26.7