I had this trip to Pisa booked since the beginning of the year and I was meant to go there in the middle of June but, you know, pandemic and all that jazz.

I got the email from Ryanair towards the end of May to say the flight was cancelled. This despite Italy opening borders on June 3rd without restriction.

I rebooked for start of August as I was hoping that the UK government advice against all non-essential travel would be lifted. Thankfully this turned out to be the case. It has implications for travel insurance.

I decided that since Florence wasn’t too far (an hour on the train) that I would go there for the day and just do my usual wandering around to see what was there.

The trip to the airport was fairly standard. It was still not as busy as it usually would be at this time of year but far busier than when I was there in June. The flight there had about a 75% load factor which meant I had a row to myself again. I must admit, I am loving this low load factor for that very reason. I’m not sure if this was in part due to it being an evening flight. I got into Pisa at 21:35 and out of the airport by about 22:00.

The hostel was only a 15 minute walk from the airport and this is the only place I have been to where the hostel and the airport are doable on foot.

I got to the hostel, checked in and went straight to bed as I was so tired. I didn’t sleep all that great because the air con wasn’t on and the temperature was set at 24 degrees. It was so warm outside still and it didn’t need to be that hot. The hostel has a policy of not changing temperatures in dorm rooms to avoid fights (good and bad I guess).

The time came to leave the hostel and head to the airport. I can’t tell you how glad I was that it was only 15 minutes on foot (still, enough time to be baking Dave). I was glad to be in the airport. The queues were quite long for security as they only had a couple on – despite having 5 early morning flights. I got myself some food and water and went and sat at the gate.

Thank goodness for a low load factor and a row to myself again. I landed in Stansted about 07:40 and waited about an hour for the train. I wasn’t feeling good and my stomach was making sure I knew it too. It seemed like the longest journey home. Stansted – Bishop’s Stortford (30 minute wait), Bishop’s Stortford – Cambridge (30 minute wait), Cambridge – Ely (20 minute wait), Ely – Peterborough. I was so glad to get on the bus in Peterborough and get home. I got home, put my stuff down then had a shower and went to sleep ready for a 19:00 start on nights. I know, I don’t know why I do it either. It IS totally worth it though for the experiences I have.

Total steps: 48,514

Total miles: 22.8

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