As with most of my other trips, this was a spur of the moment decision.

Ken had already been to Hong Kong and told me how nice it was and the pictures he took there looked pretty amazing.

I hadn’t seen any of Asia and really wanted to. My Seoul trip was also spur of the moment and Ken said I shouldn’t book anything else for Asia until I had been and decided whether or not I liked it. I heard what he said, but I am also impulsive.

The tickets for Hong Kong were booked on February 2nd this year. I was in 2 minds about whether I should buy them.

I have an M.O when I go to book tickets, and it goes as follows:

1. Research where to go
2. Decide where to go
3. Look for tickets
4. Select the tickets I want
5. Get right to the payment page and spend some time deciding
6. Go back and do nothing
7. Do it all again
8. Purchase

I got to step 5 and couldn’t decide. By the time I had got to step 5, Jason was at my desk and ‘helped’ my by pressing the buy button. Yep – steps 6 and 7 were totally ignored and I jumped right to 8 thanks to Jason.

I can’t help but admit I was dead excited once he had done this. I was also apprehensive – more excited though.

Later on in the year, Jason decided he was going to tag along with me. Only fair since he pressed the purchase button, right? I thought so too.

Once we had about 2 months left before we flew out, we started a countdown in earnest.

It was probably what got us through work those couple of months.

I generally don’t count down to holidays but for some reason this was an exception (same with Seoul too). Most likely because I was going with someone and not on my own.

The way my shifts fell was also pretty good. It meant I had 21 days out of the office.

I had 4 days off before we flew out and then 4 days off once we landed. Unlike Jason who was stuck there right before and right after. I did feel bad, but also quite happy at the same time.

It was well needed to have some time off before I went back. I usually come back from holiday and go to work the very next day. It felt weird not to this time – not weird enough that I didn’t enjoy doing nothing for 4 days.

So, enough of the waffle and more of the stuff we did and the pictures!

All in all I had an amazing trip to Hong Kong. Jason assured me he enjoyed it too.

It makes me happy to hear that. I just hope I did a good job of taking care of him since we were so far away from home.

He was kind to an old man and made sure I was looked after too.

Hong Kong is definitely somewhere that should be on a bucket list if you like architecture, markets, great scenery and cheap prices.