When trying to decide where to go for this trip, I wanted to go somewhere different and a country I had never visited before. I looked at the map and for some reason Riga stood out – that was where I was going to go.

I guess i’ve always had a fascination with the former Eastern Bloc/Soviet countries and more so since our Baltic Cities cruise. Not that I am a fan or lover of communism per se, but more of the architecture of communities that were built up around communism.

Whilst I mostly had a good time on this trip, I probably shouldn’t have gone as I wasn’t too well before, during, and after it. I had a fever in the few days before I went. I also had a slight temperature on the day I left and the trip to the airport and flight wasn’t very good. Getting to the hostel wasn’t the best either. I still felt really rough.

The hostel was really nice and clean (once I had found it that was). I got to where it was – or where the map said it was and couldn’t see it. I ended up sitting in Liv Square whilst I called the hostel [Thank you EU and abolishing data roaming charges in the EU] and one of the workers came out and met me. Turns out, the hostel was only a few metres away from where I was sitting.

All in all, I would highly recommend Riga and this is somewhere I would come back to without hesitation.

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