So, this was our final full day in Normandy and we decided that we would go to the Arromanches Circular Cinema to see the never before seen footage they have there.

As part of our tickets we bought while at the Caen Memorial, we got entrance to the movie here.

It was almost like you didn’t have to pay as there was nobody checking the tickets of people just going through.

The movie itself was good – I just didn’t know which screen to look at. There were 9 screens in a circle. Sometimes they all showed the same, often times it would be different.

It was a case of do I stay looking forward or do I turn around. I just didn’t know where to look!

The cinema sits atop the cliff and you can see down into the town. It is a very picturesque town. You can also look out over the sea and you can still see remnants of the Mulberry Artificial Harbour that was constructed to deliver equipment to the troops.

A quick reminder: there are TONS of toll roads in France.

The drive to Normandy is no exception! It cost us all in – a total of about €50 in tolls.

Be sure and look out for the sign stating Gare de Péage! This means get all your money out ready to hand over!