So, it’s time for the pictures from our Cotswold visit. I’ll do as I usually do and post a couple of the ones I like the best and the rest will be found on our image gallery website.

Welcome to The Cotswolds
Believe it or not, on our way in this was the only sign that we could see that said Cotswold District on it. I think this was towards the end of our detoured scenic drive that we came across this sign.
This is the scene that greeted us when we arrived at the hotel. The hotel was on the market square. It was situated next to this church and also on the banks of the Thames. The town was picturesque.

Lechlade Market Square

A Timeless Picture

As we were doing our scenic drive of the Cotswolds, we came across a lot of opportunities for scenic pictures. This was one of the many that we came across. Minus the telegraph cable, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this wasn’t taken in 2013.
One thing we noticed on our drive, is that there were quite a lot of massive houses. Jamie decided to stop and jump out and take this picture. Luckily, there were no cars behind to stop the picture form being taken

Look At This House

A Phonebox Library

I remember reading this story on BBC News about a phone box that was turned into a library in remote areas of the country. As we were driving, we came across this one. I wasn’t quite sure whether there would be more in the country, but there definitely are!
We started our scenic drive in Burford. The town is quite a picturesque town (as is most of the Cotswolds though). One of the many things I find fascinating is the different types of street sign. This seemed one that was reminiscent of old street signs that the country used to have.

Street Sign

A Tree Lined Road

One of the many things that Jamie and I like are tree lined streets and roads. They are all over in the countryside. I liked this one because of the way the trees cover the whole road.
Another thing that Jamie and I like to do is to visit old churches. There were plenty of these on the journey. We stopped at this one because there was some grassy areas for Sugar to get out and play. This church is in Windrush.

Windrush Church


One of the towns that we read was a must see was Bourton-on-the-Water. We decided to make the detour to the town and we were glad we did. Yet another picturesque town. The town, with its little bridges over the river, was reminiscent of our trip to Edam in The Netherlands. It was only a shame it took us about 10 minutes to find a parking spot. We drove up and down the street about 4 times before we found a spot. It was worth it though.
I liked this view because of how crooked the house looked. There were always surprises round the bends of the country roads we drove down.

A Country Lane

Hampnett Houses

This picture was a chance happening. It is in the village of Hampnett. If the car wasn’t there, you could almost believe you weren’t in 2013.
This was a strange sight. While there are hills in the Cotswolds, this one was the steepest that we had come across. I’m sure I could hear the car sigh. It hasn’t been that long since it recovered from our trip up north.

A Steep Road

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