So, I haven’t update for a few weeks and though that I would put everything that has happened into this one post. The title says it all.

I have had 2 appointments with my psychologist, 1 with my psychiatrist, 1 with my GP, 1 with Mind and 1 with my boss.


30 July

In this appointment, it was established that I had had a bad couple of weeks and that my mood had deteriorated quite rapidly. We talked about what the issues were and why they had caused my mood to drop so dramatically. I won’t go into to much detail about this appointment. We came up with some strategies on how to increase my mood levels. We decided that I should get out more and hopefully that would help the mood.

6 August

In this appointment, it was established that my mood had gotten better over the last week. I had put some things into practice from the last appointment and that seems to have helped somewhat. I visited Mind – which I will mention later – and that was a good way to get out and do things.


It was a short visit with him – as usual. He commented that I seemed to be getting better. I think I am – as does Jamie. I guess I have to keep taking the meds and see what happens from now on. Nothing much to report really.


I visited with my GP to get assessed for my fitness for work. I feel partially ready to go back, I am also going back as my SSP will run out in September and I don’t want to be on the dole. I guess I will see what happens.


I went to the local Mind meeting and it was quite a good meeting. It was good to know that there are places out there that help people with mental difficulties. My care worker there is a really nice lady. We chatted for about an hour and talked about the things Mind does and what I can expect to gain from them. I was supposed to go to a drop in this last week but was unable to make it. I look forward to being able to join them really soon.


I had a call with my boss and her boss and we talked about me coming back to work and what caused me to be off in the first place. It was nice that they listened and were willing to work with me in coming back to work. I have a phased return – as per GP and I look forward to being able to be a contributing part of the team again.

The rest of the week was OK. I was doing things every day of the week and that has kept me occuppied and not enabled me to sit and dwell on negative things.

I will update after the next appointment and not leave it so long next time.