So, this is the final activity in chapter 2.

The activity has asked that I look over both weeks of mood monitoring and compare them to see if my mood was any better or worse after trying the new behaviours.

I found that as I started with the new behaviour, my mood had somewhat increased. I was happier on the first day of the comparison as opposed to the first day of monitoring. I think this has something to do with the fact that I was doing something other than watching TV and being on the computer.

As I have looked back over both weeks, I have noticed that my mood started to slip back to how it usually is. I tried the new behaviours on all the days of the comparison. I am not quite sure as to why it has slipped, but it definatley did.

I think it may be that the novelty of trying something new has worn off. As I say, I am not too sure and I think this will take further looking into to find out why.