So, the visit with the psychiatrist went really well. It was better than any other visits I have had with a psychiatrist. He commented on how I looked and sounded better than last time I saw him. I guess that is a positive step in the right direction.

It would seem everything is moving in the right direction in terms of referrals.

Now for Exercise 1.

Exercise 1 requires a review of depression questions. There are 10 questions, but only 8 are pertinent to me. It also requires me to say whether the questions and answers sound right to me.

Q: What’s wrong with you?

A: Nothing is wrong with you. There are reasons that you’re depressed that have to do with your life.

Q: What’s causing you to feel this way?

A: Complex experiences like depression rarely have one cause.

Q: Do you have some kind of chemical imbalance?

A: Some research shows a relationship between the amount of certain chemicals in the nervous system and the likelihood of being depressed.

Q: Is there something in your childhood or past that’s making you feel this way?

A: For some people, experiences in childhood can increase the likelihood of developing depression as an adult.

Q: How can you overcome this?

A: There are a variety of effective treatments for depression that have been tested in controlled research studies.

Q: Should you take medication?

A: Certain medications have been shown to be effective for depression.

Q: Do other people feel this way?

A: Yes. One out of ten people experience an episode of serious depression every year.

Q: Will you ever be able to feel “normal”?

A: You will certainly be able to feel less depressed, more energised, more engaged in your life and less down.

For the most part, all of these answers sound right to me. The first question doesn’t sound too right to me. I feel that since I have depression/anxiety – something has to be wrong with me.