Let me preface this post by saying that I am in no way against religion.

I was watching – I say watching, listening as I was in another room – John & Kate Plus 8 this evening. Kate made a comment about religion that made me laugh and also made me think.

Her comment was that her religion is non judgemental. This made me chuckle and I made a comment about being a Mormon. It also set me thinking.

Religion by it’s very nature and design is judgemental. It is through these judgements that we keep ourselves in the right way. It is by these judgements that our very moral fibre is woven.

We are taught from very early on about the commandments – the set of rules that govern our morality. These are the rules with which we must be judged. These judgements do not come more so than when one is involved in religion. It may come from ourselves our it may need to come from those in authority.

These moral rules can be found in the book of Exodus, 20th Chapter, verses 3 through to 20 in the Old Testament.

As we base our morailty on these commandments, one can only deduce that religion by it’s very design is judgemental.