So, I decided that it would be time to write on my blog again. I know, I know – I haven’t written for a while.

So much has gone on these past few months that I decided to write about them.

So, this is what has happened in the last few months:

  • Church has moved to Peterborough
  • We went to London with a cool Californian family
  • I have a job
  • I got teeth taken out – and all that comes with it

OK, I guess it wasn’t that much. Well, these are the main things anyway.

Church moving to Peterborough

We moved from our home at the special needs school – Marwick Centre – to a chapel in Peterborough. It is a proper chapel, purpose built for worship. It is nice to finally meet in a proper church building. Our meeting times are from 1:30 – 4:30 in the afternoon. It is a long drive from where we live – about 30 miles. It’s OK though. The chapel compensates for the distance.

Going to London with Californians

We had a missionary serve in our branch by the name of Spencer Jernigan. We had a fun time while he was serving in our branch. I sent his family pics of one p-day that we had at the local bowling alley. We kept in contact with his family throughout the rest of his mission. The emails from his family were always good to read and were funny. The Jernigan family decided to meet up with Jamie & I in London (we owe them big time for their kindness too) It was so much fun to see them. His mom was definatley the kind of person she came across in the emails. His Pop and brother were cool too. I had so much fun being tour guide to them for the 2 days they were there. It was an honour to be able to do it too. I did make one mistake – we stood on the platform of Baker Street tube station waiting for a train and what I forgot to do was look at the board that said trains had been cancelled. Oops. Sorry Jernigans. It was awesome to meet up with you guys.

I’m finally a working man

I got a job working from home. I work for an outsourcing company called Teletech. They are a Colorado based company. I have been outsourced to work for Sky Broadband. I love being able to go from the couch to the bedroom for work. A nice short commute. We had to move the computer from the living room into the bedroom. That was fun! I work providing technical support for Sky Internet. I like the job. I like being able to help people. A lady asked me yesterday whether I liked my job. I do like it. I like the satisfaction it brings when customers say my internet is finally working.

The wonderful NHS dentist

I went to the doctors with severe face pain (cue Jamie with her is your face killing you joke) The doc couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I decided to call the dentist (I was in agony the whole day) The next day I went to the dentist. She had me have an x-ray of my mouth. It turned out that I had an abcess and had a wisdom tooth that was protruding. I made an appointment for the same week to get them out. I went to the dentist and got numbed to the hilt. She managed to pull out 2 teeth that needed to come out. She tried as she did to get the wisdom tooth out. She had to drill away at the bone. It turns out that the wisdom tooth is fused to the bone. I have to see an oral surgeon on Nov 9th to have it taken out. So, after 3 days I had to go back to the dentist because I have dry socket. It hurts like crazy. He gave me some antibiotics for it. It seems to have sorted itself now. Not in so much pain anymore.

Other than these, not much else has gone on. Until next time – hopefully not too long this time.