So, this weekend (Sunday 29/07) until Wednesday 01/08 I went off to Europe with my brother. He is a long distance lorry driver and had the opportuninty to take me along with him.

It was great. I enjoyed it.

We started off in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. We drove down to Dover – it went a little wrong there. We were stuck in customs for 5 hours as they didn’t have all the paperwork. Also, we had a LOT of whisky on board so that didn’t help the process.

We finally got on the ferry. We sailed over to Calais. About half way between you could see England and France. It was an alright day too.

From Calais, we headed off onto the wilds of the European Road Network. We managed to get as far as a rest stop close to the French/Belgian border. It was a well needed break though. The scenery on the way was really nice. There were loads of fields and also churches dotted all over the landscape.

At 2am we were ready to head off again. I managed to somehow fall from the lorry. I fell on my side and on my belly. It didn’t hurt, but scared me like crazy. We managed to get as far as Switzerland.

Switzerland is really nice. It’s like it is shown to be. Loads of mountains and beautiful scenery. We drove up some alpine mountain roads. Crazy that we managed to do it though. We also drove through downtown Zurich. Such a nice town.

Mountains in Switzerland

Well, that summed up the trip to Europe. Now I am back at home and ready to go to Paris at the weekend.