Well, let me start by saying: Damn National Rail. The train I was meant to catch from my station – the 19:09 direct to where I was going – didn’t stop. Someone must have forgot to tell the driver that he needed to stop. Well, they didn’t and he went whoosh right past me and didn’t stop. How mad was I! Needless to say that it took me an extra hour to get to my destination! UGH!

I finally arrived at 21:30. Yay. Met Taylor and went to his house. On the way from the station in Nottingham, I spied a Hooters – Taylor told me that we couldn’t go. Boo Hoo. We went for the next best thing instead – KFC. This was no ordinary KFC, this was a one with an A&W on it. How pleased was I. I love root beer – I mean, more than any other drink here in plain old blighty (England to those of you not from here)

We went home and talked forever and finally went to sleep.

On the Saturday morning, we decided to go right into the Peak District to a place called Treak Cliff Cavern. My first thought was whoopee a cave (sense the sarcasm there). When I got there – after climbing what felt like the highest mountain ever (I know, you guys from across the pond are shouting it’s just a hill – be that as it may), we got to the entrance. We went on a tour of the caves in there. It turned out to be pretty cool. I got wet from all the water seeping through the rocks.

It was a nice cave though, as nice as caves can be I suppose – not that i’d know as this is the first cave i’ve been in. After the 40 minute tour ended, we went back outside and descended down the mountain to where the entrance was. Done the touristy gift shop bit. We were about to head home and it started hailing. It was so heavy, like the mountain was falling down.

After the caves, we headed into a town called Eyam. The town is famous in the Peak District for being plague infested. It was a nice little walk.

We went to the cinema to see Ice Age 2. Classic. So funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s now Sunday and I am back to what you would call life and what I would call boring as hell.