So, yesterday was pretty boring. Went to the train station to buy my tickets as I am off to see a friend in Derby for the weekend.

I planned my journey there and back on the national rail website. Right down to every last detail, like where I want to change, when I want to go, when I want to come back, what direction I want to be sitting in – yeah, i’m anal like that. Just ask my wife (well, she will be in 3 weeks).

So, I couldn’t buy my ticket online – damn visa electron cards, bain of my life – off to the station I toddled. I went to the window to give the guy all the info of when I want to travel, yadda yadda yadda.

In the process of going through this info and telling him when I want to travel, he piped up and asked 7:30 am sir?

I thought to myself, do me a favour mate. 7:30 in the morning, along came the palpatations, the cold sweat, the shaking. I’m thinking to myself, I can’t believe he just asked that, surely he must realise that there is only one 7:30 in the day. Evening if you will. Bad of me to be so presumptious.

So, after my near death experience with that question, he figured out that I meant evening.

I now have my tickets and am ready for my life changing adventure to the peak district. Well, not so much life changing – but it will give me shortness of breath as I am coming up to sea level when I go there. Where I live is a little below sea level. Why the town isn’t under water I have no idea – probably better for the town if it was! Put its measly existence out of its misery.